H. S. Campoy

A free-spirited spirit, H. S. Campoy is a unique abstract painting artist whose creative process is deeply inspired by her vibrant background. A Spanish artist with a Spanish mother and Brazilian father, Heleny strayed from the engineering path and pursued a career in art and literature. After writing five books, she followed her inner yearnings to the canvas, where she began to self-teach art and explore its many styles.

Frequently travelling throughout Europe, Heleny visited galleries and museums, immersing herself in various painting techniques. Having lived in the UK for ten years, she discovered new inspirations residing in Denmark, creating sweeping strokes of emotion and vibrant colours to translate her feelings. Heleny’s signature abstract expressionism style features spontaneous strokes and energetic drips balanced by her ability to control the brush.

Heleny is eager to show her beautiful art to a broader audience. She will be exhibiting a series of her pieces at the Work Art Fair in Aarhus, Denmark, in September 2023, allowing visitors to feel her dynamic and emotive abstract art creations first-hand.