The Muses by H S Campoy: Is abstract art, art?

Born in the beginning of the 20th century, abstract art was a movement made up of fauvism, cubic and figurative expressionism. It was a type of art that gave freedom to colour, shapes and it’s subject. Time passed and the pictorial was abandoned and purity of form reigned.

Composition VIII, 1923

The first abstract watercoliur come to life around this time. The Russian painter, Vassily Kandinsky was the first painter who used no formal composition. It was the absence of composition, or the freedom it has, that gave to abstract art its definition. Abstract Art is the art which does not represents reality.

I wonder if the absence of a clear form associated to our reality, made abstract art something confuse for people who was trained to see in the canvas the representation of the world around them.

I was 10 years old when I came to see one of the most intriguing painting from Mondrian. I was captivated and soon begun my first attempts to translate what I was seeing. It was a time I began to write poetry.

We always should remember Art is not static. First, Abstract Art split in two ideas:the quest for rationality and an independent order from external reality; the other was the development of the symbolic function of colour as we can see on the Composition C.

As most of the rich movements in art, Abstract art soon divided in subcategories. Kandinsky was the repentant of Lyrical Abstraction. Malevitch represented Suprematism, or pure pictorial sensibility where colours and forms were left to speak for themselves. Mondrian was the representative of Geometric Abstract Art,

Those were tendency that last until 1930. Then came Jackson Pollock and Willer Kooning and the abstract impressionism. The forms, colour now were follow by movement. The canvas and the brush were used to create something unique, special.

Composition C by Mondrian

I wonder the model contemporaneous art, in particular the abstract art as we see today. Transposed the rules of its creators and most important represent ants. Abstract art become a way to show new tectonics to obtain the maximum of the colour, light, and tools. The brushes could be paired with other materials as spatulas, pieces of plastic and wood to create a new level of texture.

Do you like abstract art? Who is your favourite painter? Let your ideas in the comment.

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