H. S. Campoy

I paint to share a melting pot of emotions with the world. I painted in waves like the sea draws lines on the sand. I am a painter because I am passionate about art.

After years of tiptoeing with trees and women’s figures, I found myself free when painting abstracts. The technic wasn’t necessarily the main point – pouring, throwing, dripping, splashing, collared blocks, marbling, line art, Memphis style – the sensation of freedom and how easy was trasnform ideas and feelings in forms, colours, mixing on the canvas  the turmoil of emotions I have inside. That was important, because art should touch the mind.


Acrylic on canvas 1000 cm (w) x 70 cm (h)

DKK 1,759.00


Acrylic on canvas 1000 cm (w) x 70 cm (h)

DKK 1,850.00